The AHC 2018 Digital Signage Provider

Philips Professional Display Solutions

Philips has a long history of exceptional technical innovation. The brand is consistently recognised as a global leader in the areas of lighting, display technology, picture processing, Smart connectivity and intelligent remote-control operation.

This unique combination of in-house skills and knowledge has allowed Philips Professional Display Solutions to become a market leader - pioneering, developing and changing the Hospitality TV, Signage and Video Wall sectors.

Our heritage has created an unrivalled understanding of our partners’ and customers’ needs and a clear vision for the most relevant developments in each of the market’s sectors.

Professional TV is moving beyond passive in-room entertainment. Now it’s about personalization, information and communication (plus great-looking content). Our TV and signage solutions can help you strengthen your brand, increase sales and drive repeat visits.


Established in 1995, Airwave has been serving the hospitality market for over 20 years and is the UK's largest supplier, installer and integrator of commercial television, content and audiovisual solutions.


Benefitting from close relationships with key manufacturers such as Samsung, Philips, LG and Sky, Airwave’s product range and core services include:

- Hospitality TV, IPTV and interactive TV systems

- Digital Signage

- Digital, terrestrial and satellite networks

- WiFi and HSIA

- International channels and movies on demand

- Audio and charging solutions

- Brackets & accessories


With a focus on the hospitality market and a presence in several key sectors including: education, retail & leisure, stadia, prisons and transport, Airwave's customer base is diverse. The company ethos however is unrelenting and focussed - to find the right solution at an industry-leading price.