Resorts by Laura Ashley - Bringing the Laura Ashley heritage and comfort into premium leisure , beach , mountain and countryside venues. This gives our guests the space to roam , to live and to relax all within an inspiring and luxury setting . Here is the place where you choose to escape , to enjoy celebrations and memorable family and social occasions.


Hotels by Laura Ashley - Bringing the Laura Ashley quality, heritage and comfort into urban, airport and suburban business locations. This gives our guests a go-to-place for work, pleasure  and a touch of Laura Ashley lifestyle. Here is a place where you escape to ,in the modern busy world, to experience the best of relaxed luxury, style , service and location.


The Tea Rooms by Laura Ashley - Bringing timeless British Hospitality to enhance the overall appeal of a hotel . The Tea Room by Laura Ashley is a lifestyle experience for premium afternoon tea and dining occasions throughout the day and evening , improving the hotel's brand appeal in the minds of its new and existing customer base .






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