Hashi Mohamed

Presenter & Barrister

Hashi came to the UK as an unaccompanied child refugee from Kenya in the summer of 1993. When he arrived he spoke basic English, attended failing schools and was raised exclusively on state benefits in a deprived area of North West London. Today, at 33, as a barrister and broadcaster, Hashi has attended both Oxford University and Bar school on a full scholarship. He is also a presenter on BBC Radio 4 and commentator across leading newspapers. Drawing on his own experiences he wants to dispel the myth that upward mobility is possible through sheer hard work alone and speaks out against empty tokenism.

Helen Bywater-Smith

Director, Loyalty, Ipsos MORI

Helen works within a team that specialises in inspiring and supporting clients in understanding and improving their customer (and colleague) experiences. Starting with understanding the desired behaviours that the client would like to see, Helen visualises from the stakeholder, employee and customer perspective what the drivers and barriers are to creating the ideal customer experience.

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