Revenue Management and the Connected Customer - 12th February 2019, London 

Register now for ‘Revenue Management and the Connected Customer', now established as Europe’s leading revenue management conference. 

The day will provide a unique opportunity to join the thought leaders and innovators spearheading change within the industry to listen, debate and network as we discuss how customer's increasing demands for personalisation, immediacy and instant gratification will shape revenue management strategies in 2019. 

We will discuss:

  • Who is the 'Connected Customer' and why their influence is challenging the very core of standard revenue management practices?
  • What can we learn from truly customer-centric companies who have the customer at the heart of everything they do?
  • What is the place of technology in delivering a customer-driven revenue management strategy?
  • What are the challenges and opportunities of personalised pricing?
  • How can AI be leveraged for commercial gain?
  • How can data be optimised to meet changing customer demands?
  • What is the place of the 'Loyalty Card' as customers shun 'transactional' loyalty?

All this and more with confirmed speakers from Google, Expedia, Salesforce, IDeaS, Atomize, Best Western Hotels and Resorts, Accor, Interstate Hotels, Cycas Hospitality, Duetto, Mews Systems and others. More to come. 

This is a must-attend event for anyone with a vested interest in the strategic future of the revenue management function and the impact on bottom line profitability.  
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Register and be part of the conversations that will shape your revenue management agenda in 2019. 




If you have any questions relating to the event, please contact Michelle Casey on or 07718 650349