#TuesdayMotivation from The AHC

3rd September 2019

To help energise your Tuesday and start of a new month, we’ve got a little riddle for you. What links the following people:

Studied economics at Cambridge

Professional poker player in Las Vegas for 3 years

Poker advisor on Casino Royale

Included in the Best 100 Global Coaching Leaders (2017)

Awarded the awarded the MBE and CBE

Passionate about opera and gardening

Answer: Both will be joining the stellar line-up of speakers at The AHC next month and both ending the conference with powerful, inspirational and uplifting keynote speeches. 

Dr. Neslyn Watson-Druée is a high-performance executive coach who works with members of the Cabinet Office and senior civil servants. She is a business psychologist, author of several books on empowerment, business success, living with purpose and leadership. Her personal story is remarkable and drives her passion for life, bettering others and individual accomplishment. Neslyn will be opening The AHC on Weds 9th October at 10.10am. 

Caspar Berry is a motivational speaker on risk and decision making. His experience as a professional poker player enables him to relate the world of poker to the risks and decisions that we take every day. Caspar will be closing The AHC on Thurs 10th October at 1.40pm with the closing keynote; “Great Call! - How and Why We Need to Take More Risk in this New Age of Uncertainty” 

The Advance ticket rate expires on Tues 10th September – that’s 1 week from today if you have yet to register! To save yourself £100 and bask safe in the knowledge you have secured your ticket to join the UK hotel community on the 9th and 10th October, book today.

Learn. Network. Be Inspired.

The AHC Team